Study abroad in Madrid: Our valuable services for universities

At SpaCIE, we are committed to fostering meaningful study abroad collaborations with universities worldwide. Our range of services is designed to support institutions in providing enriching educational experiences for their students. Whether you are looking to send students abroad, co-organize programs, or establish your presence in Madrid, SpaCIE is here to partner with you every step of the way.

SpaCIE offers summer programs that provide enriching experiences for international students. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how students from your institution can participate in these programs and benefit from our immersive educational environment.

Many top universities send their students to our programs and benefit from our partner discount, such as University of Hong Kong, National Taiwan University, University of Zurich, Charles University, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, University of Pisa, Ghent University, Technische Hochschule Rosenheim, University of Akdeniz, Higher School of Economics, and many more…

We are open to co-organizing summer (or winter) programs with foreign universities in Madrid, in addition to local partners. This partnership can take various forms, and we are eager to explore opportunities that align with your institution’s interests and objectives.

There are many possible options for a Joint Study Abroad Program in Madrid between your university and SpaCIE, starting from scratch or building on SpaCIE’s existing programs. The simplest could be an agreement to make one of our current programs, such as our Climate Change Summer School, part of your university’s overseas programs. This could be a simple way to have a first-class Summer School in Madrid.

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Our team has the expertise to design tailor-made courses for students from your institution. These customized educational experiences are crafted to align with your academic goals and cater to the unique needs of your students. For example, SpaCIE has been organizing a course for Stanford University’s BOSP Madrid Program almost every year since its establishment in 2008.

SpaCIE can assist in organizing faculty-led courses for your students in Madrid. Leveraging our local expertise and resources, we ensure a seamless and impactful experience that enriches both students and faculty members.

Looking to establish your own program in Madrid? SpaCIE provides support and guidance to help your institution navigate the process. From conceptualization to execution, we leverage our knowledge of the local context and educational landscape to ensure the success of your program.

Contact us today to explore how SpaCIE can tailor solutions to meet the needs of your institution and enhance your international education offerings.